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Welcome to the web site of Global Automatic Door International Company. We hope our web site is informative to you and we look forward to your feedback.

Global Automatic door International Company is the only company in Sri Lanka specializing only in Automatic Doors. We import bulk stocks directly from the manufacturer in Japan.

We are directly trained by the manufacturer in Japan for a period of 05 years for several Japanese products.

Our main aim is to be a part of every building giving our expertise including unobstructed, contact free and hygienically clean access for everyone.

Our user friendly Automatic Doors bring convenience to the doorway users and has become a standard feature in every modern building.

Automatic Doors bring modern and authentic look to the buildings and these Automatic Doors give easy access for persons with limited mobility (disable friendly) and has become a standard by law for every building in most civilized countries.

We are happy to say that Global Automatic Door International Company has managed to install Automatic Doors for most reputed industries such as Airports, Five Star Hotels, Hospitals, Fashion Outlets, Super Markets, Shopping Malls, Private Residences, Museums, Schools, Jewelry Shops, Apartment Building, Coffee Shops, Government Building, Banks, Factories etc. Thanks to our experience of over 20 years.

Thank you for choosing the best because you are worth nothing less than the best.

About us

Why us

Most leading companies in Sri Lanka have selected Global Automatic Door International Company as their partner for Automatic Doors since the Japanese product is reliable and trouble free.

We import reputable automatic door brand from Japan.

We do not compromise on quality for the price you pay.

We carry a stock of spare parts for those customers who have been using our products for more than ten years.

Global Automatic Door International Company, offer after sales service and service contracts.

If it’s a new customer or existing customer, quotations are sent to customers within one hour.

Global Automatic Door International Company, train our clients to use automatic doors safely and efficiently.

Once the work is given to Global Automatic Door International Company, the follow up and implementation and completion is done with very minimal time.


Our contributions to society

The money you invest in us is well spent. Thanks to you.

Our principles

We are the only company in Sri Lanka trained directly by the manufacturer for 05 years in Japan and exclusively carry a Japanese brand MADE IN JAPAN.

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“The simple technology that could help stop spread of CORONA VIRUS”

automatic doors

do not touch handlesDoor Handles are contaminated

Current research says the corona virus family can survive on dry surfaces, eg: door handles, for an average of 4 to 5 days.

Similar to all other droplet infections, SARS-COV-2 too can spread via hands and frequently touching contaminated surfaces.

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